Zombie Zingers
Halloween 2013 Transform Candy Zombie Purple

The purple variant
Serving temperature Room temperature
Main ingredients Unknown
Consumed by Penguins

Zombie Zingers were a type of Spectral Sweets in Club Penguin during the Halloween Party 2013. Only members can eat this candy. If eaten, the player will turn into a Zombie.


As revealed by Rookie at the beginning of the Halloween Party 2013, Rookie ordered these sweets along with Full Moon Fireballs and Fang Fudgies from the spectral sweets company.


The sweets have the ability to turn a penguin into a zombie. As zombies, penguins were classed as 'undead' and had special actions such as breaking through the earth with ghosts (dance) and transforming further (wave).


  • There are three variants of the sweets which represent the different zombie types: blue, purple, and green.


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