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Zeus the Moose

Full Name Zeus The Moose
Species Penguin
Position Sports Player
Appeared Stage Plays
Color Dark Green, Light Blue, Black
Clothes Items Moose Head, Blue Track Jacket
Related To N/A
Friends With Tate the Migrator
Meetable Character? No

Zeus the Moose is a character in the stage plays Team Blue Rally Debut, Team Blue's Rally 2, and Team Blue vs. Team Red. He is a mascot of the Blue Team, along with Tate the Migrator. He usually wears the moose head, and sometimes the Blue Track Jacket. He has been seen to be somewhat nervous, shy, and timid.


"Head of the Team Blue Crew, this slightly unsure mascot is here to dodge the ball and hopefully throw it, too. "There's no excuse when the moose is on the loose.""


  • Zeus the Moose is named after Greek god Zeus, while his rival Jupiter is named after the Roman equivalent, Jupiter.


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