CPI Polls

You Decide! is a poll system on the Island News Blog. They include votes where players can pick a feature that will be in Club Penguin Island from a few basic options. Voting is done in an ordinary poll.

List of You Decide! polls

For the polls from Club Penguin, see You Decide!/Club Penguin


June 5

Emoji poll

The poll from June 5, 2017[1] was created for the selection of the third emoji which would complete the emoji pack given as an award to the Penguin of the Week. The options were the "Ribbon", "Medal", and "Trophy". The "Trophy" emoji won with 76.4% of votes, and was added to the pack under the name "Penguin Award".

August 4

Food poll

The poll from August 4, 2017[2] was held to choose the favorite food in Club Penguin Island. The options were "Seaweed Smoothie", "Pizza", "Hot Cocoa", "Birthday Cake", and "Fishdog". The "Pizza" option won with 40.3% of votes, and some pizza party supplies were distributed to players with membership that logged on during one weekend the following month.

August 24

Location poll

The poll from August 24, 2017[3] was created for players to vote where they would fly with Jet Pack Guy in Club Penguin Island. The options were "Over the Boardwalk rock wall", "Wherever Crate Co. deliveries come from", "The potato-shaped island" and "The cloud". "The cloud" option won with 36.5% of votes.

September 14

Costume poll

The poll from September 14, 2017[4] was held to select the favorite costumed mob in Club Penguin Island. The options were "Tree Mob", "Gator Group", "Crab Squad", and "Lighthouse Party". The "Crab Squad" option won with 26.7% of votes.

October 26

Decal poll

The poll from October 26, 2017[5] was created for players to select music themed decals. The three options with the most votes will be released in November 2017. The options were the "Guitar", "Singing Penguin", "Microphone", "Glam Penguin", and "Mix Tape". The "Glam Penguin" option won with 27.2% of votes. "Singing Penguin" came in second place with 24.9% of votes, and "Mix Tape" came in third place with 19.4% of votes.


  • As opposed to the original You Decide!, some of the polls on the Island News Blog are created for the same purpose as the Penguin Poll, where players gave their opinion on a feature in the game.


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