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Yellow Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Yellow

Available Yes
Attitude Artistic, spontaneous
Member only Yes (But Non-Members can get them from the Treasure Book)
Favorite toys Paint Pad, Paintbrush, easel, movie camera, Slate, directors chair, black directors/artists hat, paint, canvas.
Play action Weak
Paints a picture.
Makes a movie.
Dance Singing
Tongue color Light Blue
Speed 6th fastest
Special features Amazing artistic ability
Elite Puffle Items Powerful flute, Blue Artist's hat
Favorite Games DJ3K (formerly)
ID 756

Yellow Puffles are very creative and artistic, and are known to sculpt and paints perfect pieces of art. They are versatile in practically every single form of art. Yellow Puffles were first sighted at the Forest during the Halloween Party 2007 (and later during the construction of the Stage), and were made available for members in November 2007.

One notable Yellow Puffle can be seen at the stage (The Keeper of the Stage), by clicking the yellow lever on the Switchbox 3000. On the book "Club Penguin Annual 2012" the main puffle is a Yellow Puffle, the main reason is because most people that play Club Penguin is a creative penguin that loves to draw or paint puffles and penguins on the island.


  • The Yellow Puffles made their first appearance in Club Penguin, where they could be spotted on the island in October 2007. On November 30, 2007, they were able to be adopted by members in the Pet Shop.


Attitude: Creative, spontaneous, and artistic. They see the world in an imaginative and colorful light and they enjoy showing that in their creations.

Favorite toys: Easel, Paint Pad, others.

Elite Puffle Items: Powerful flute, Blue Artist's hat.

Special facts: It puts a beret on before it paints.

Favorite game: DJ3K (formerly)

Play: Paints a Jet Pack or cannon with its paint.

Play: Closes a slate and starts directing a movie.

Bath: Adds paint into the water while bathing. Later turns to a rainbow Puffle.

Gum: Blows a bubble then draws a face on a bubble.

Dance: Singing.

Postcard: Is in a picture carrying a hobo stick.

Brush: Gives the Yellow Puffle a temporary hair style.

Puffle Handbook Description

It is rumored that the yellow Puffle creates artwork from food and furniture.

Famous Yellow Puffles

There are two famous Yellow Puffles. They are:

  1. Keeper of the Stage - A puffle that can be spotted in the Stage.
  2. Chirp - One of the elite puffles.



A Yellow Puffle peeking from its hiding spot on the Ski Hill before they were adoptable


Famous Yellow Puffles

Yellow Puffle in-game

Yellow Puffle caring card

Yellow Puffle actions

Yellow Puffle plushes



Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseYellow Puffle
FrenchLe Puffle Jaune
SpanishPuffle amarillo
GermanGelber Puffle
RussianЖелтый Пафл

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