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X-Treme Penguin

Full Name X-Treme Penguin
Species Penguin
Gender  ?
Position Inventor, Daredevil
Appeared Comics, Club Penguin Times, Speed Demons
Color Light Blue
Clothes Items None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No
Time to take it to THE NEXT LEVEL!
X-Treme Penguin in one of the comics

The X-Treme Penguin is a light blue Penguin who gathers items from a game for another game.


In his comics it shows him playing a game using other items, like a jet pack. He also appears in multiple sub-comics in the official Club Penguin Comics book.



  • In the issue 217 of the Club Penguin Times, he was using a "X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz" to donate a lot of coins for the Coins for Change.
  • The X-Treme Jetpack Surf Hopperz appeared in a Card-Jitsu power card.
  • He always uses a jet-pack in all of his inventions, and he only uses a jet-pack and nothing else in "Extreme Jet Pack Find Four".
  • In one of the story lines of Star Reporter, a crowd of penguins are shouting games for you to challenge the Blue Team captain to and one penguin says, "Extreme Jetpack Surf Carts!". This penguin is probably the X-Treme Penguin.
  • In the comic Speed Demons in the Club Penguin Magazine, he wears The Supersonic and the Supersonic Speed Suit. His sled was called the "X-Treme Machine" and he was the first to be wiped out. After falling, he wiped Herbert out of the race too.
  • He is very easy to imitate since he only wears the color Light Blue.
  • He always made an appearance at "X-treme Reading" segment intro on The Spoiler Alert.
  • He has made various appearances in various comics in the Club Penguin Times.


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