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Scientific name Lycanthrope
Similar creatures Wolves
Appeared Halloween Party 2013, The Fair 2015, Halloween Party 2016
Predators None
Prey Mammals

Werewolf, or Coyote at The Fair 2015, was a transformation, a creature, and a Monster for the Halloween Party 2013. It was only available to members. You could transform into this by eating a Full Moon Fireball. It later returned during The Fair 2015, but with only the brown variation. At the Halloween Party 2016 members are able to transform into them by using the Monster Maker 3000.


  • During the Fair 2015, it was listed as a coyote instead of a werewolf.
    • This was probably done to fit the Tumbleweed Town theme, as all of the other transformations fit into the other theme parks.
  • Unlike the Halloween Party 2013, you could not wear clothes while using the transformation at The Fair 2015.




Light Blue



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