Welcome Tee
Welcome Tee icon
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Available Yes
Type Tops Item
Cost Free
ID 352
Internal name levelOneTShirt

The Welcome Tee is a unique tops item in Club Penguin Island. All players can obtain this item by logging in.


Obtained by Available from Available until
April 18, 2018
April 26, 2018 Still available


  • When first available, it was only received by some players due to a glitch.[1]
  • It incorporates the chevronWaves fabric and part of the levelBadge decal, both from the Citizen Pack, as part of its design.
  • It has an unused description, which is "Welcome to Club Penguin Island—starring you!"

Names in other languages

PortugueseCamiseta de Boas-vindasBoas-vindas à Ilha do Club Penguin, onde a estrela é você!
FrenchT-shirt de bienvenueBienvenue sur l'île de Club Penguin. C'est toi la star du show !
SpanishCamiseta de bienvenidaBienvenido a la Isla de Club Penguin, ¡contigo como protagonista!