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Welcome Solo

Where South of Town and Plaza
Opened June 27, 2011
Closed November 2013
Mini-games None
Room ID 112
Tour Description

The Welcome Solo was an area in Club Penguin, in which the player entered once they have registered an account. When entering it, an orange penguin would welcome the player, and give them a brief tutorial on the game, and explain some features of the Toolbar. After the player leaves the room, the Welcome Solo could not be revisited.

The room itself was a small open area, surrounded by pine trees, with a small lake nearby. There was also a sign labeled "WELCOME". Various rooms were visible in the distance, including the Town, Plaza, Lighthouse, Ski Hill, and Dojo. A few seconds after entering the room, a penguin using a jetpack can be seen in the distance.


The Welcome Solo was added to the game on June 27, 2011. Prior to the room's existence, players would simply see a small overlay, giving a brief explanation on the game when first logging in.

In November 2013, players no longer went to the Welcome Solo when creating an account. Instead, they would receive the same message as prior to the Welcome Solo update. A few weeks later, a new tutorial was added in the Welcome Solo's place, featuring Tourdude, who gives a much more drawn out and interactive tutorial.


  • In mid-2011, rarely, players would spawn in the Welcome Solo upon logging in, even if they already had logged in before. This glitch was later fixed.
  • Unlike other outside rooms, the Welcome Solo always had a clear sky, even during parties where the sky was dark, such as Holiday Parties or Halloween Parties.
  • In June 2015, the room was updated to include Russian text, despite the room having been removed many months prior.



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