The Welcome Shop, also known as the Welcome Hut, is a shop in Club Penguin Island, located at the Beacon Boardwalk. Here, members can buy various party supplies. It is the only shop that sells party blasters.

Supplies sold

Icon Name Description Cost Level required
Supplies Party Blaster Jr icon
Party Blaster Jr When this pops, everyone nearby gets coins! 100 coins Level 0
Supplies Pizza Slice icon
Pizza Slice A whole wheat, vegetarian pizza slice. 10 coins Level 0
Supplies Fireworks icon
Fireworks Launch fireworks to celebrate with friends! 10 coins Level 1
Supplies Stinky Cheese icon
Stinky Cheese A pirate favorite! Be careful, the smell may be too much for landlubbers. 10 coins Level 1
Supplies Ink or Swim icon
Ink or Swim Collect fish but don't get an ink squid! 60 coins Level 1
Supplies Marble Hunt icon
Marble Hunt Hide Rookie's lost marbles and have friends find them! 40 coins Level 1
Supplies Cake Slice icon
Cake Slice Sing a happy birthday song when you show this to the lucky birthday penguin. 12 coins Level 1
Supplies Seaweed Smoothie icon
Seaweed Smoothie Green and oh-so-healthy! 15 coins Level 1
Supplies Party Blaster icon
Party Blaster When this pops, everyone nearby gets coins! 300 coins Level 5
Supplies Smoothie Tray icon
Smoothie Tray Share the seaweed phenomenon that's sweeping the island 40 coins Level 5
Supplies Birthday Cake icon
Birthday Cake It's probably someone's birthday today! Have some cake. 35 coins Level 5
Supplies Cheese Wheel icon
Cheese Wheel Share this stinky snack with your whole crew! 50 coins Level 5
Supplies Large Pizza icon
Large Pizza Bring it piping hot to your customers or they might complain. 40 coins Level 5
Supplies Piñata icon
Piñata Invite friends to take a swing. Once it pops, everyone nearby gets coins! 200 coins Level 10
Supplies Party Blast XL icon
Party Blast XL When this pops, everyone nearby gets coins! 600 coins Level 12
Supplies Hydro Hydrant icon
Hydro Hydrant Get launched by the water blast of this re-purposed fire hydrant 25 coins Level 15
Supplies Fireworks XL icon
Fireworks XL Make a sky-high statement with these extra powerful fireworks 20 coins Level 15

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenge involves the Welcome Shop.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
Fun Hut
AA quest icon
Solo Visit the Welcome Shop in the Boardwalk 20 coins and 40 XP No


  • In the 1.1.1 update, the shop was renamed from "Welcome Market" to "Welcome Shop". However, Rockhopper still referred to it as the "Welcome Market" in Ep. 3 - Gongs Away.
    • Since the 1.1.2 update, he now refers to it as the "Welcome Hut".


Names in other languages

Welcome Shop

Language Name
PortugueseLoja Olá
FrenchStand de bienvenue
SpanishTienda de bienvenida
German N/A
Russian N/A

Welcome Market

Language Name
PortugueseMercado de Boas-vindas
FrenchBoutique de bienvenue
SpanishMercado de bienvenida
German N/A
Russian N/A

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