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Welcome Solo

Where Club Penguin Island
Opened June 27, 2011
Closed November 2013
Mini-Games None
Room ID 112
Tour Description

The Welcome Solo was a room in Club Penguin, in which the player entered once they have registered an account. When entering it, the Welcome Penguin would welcome the player, and two new items would be obtained: a background and a red cap. There is no other way to enter it without hacking - neither using the map or the EPF Phone.


In November 2013, the Welcome Solo was updated so that new players wouldn't start off at this room anymore. So the Welcome Penguin would be in front of a regular room, for example, the Town.

In December 2013 the Welcome Penguin itself was replaced with the Introduction to Club Penguin, and Tourdude took the penguin's place.


  • On the Spanish, Portuguese and English versions of Club Penguin, there used to be a glitch where you would be welcomed even though you didn't create a new penguin. This glitch was later fixed.
  • It was only accessible by creating a new player. It was impossible to return without cheating.
  • During the Puffle Party 2014, the Lake seen from the Welcome Solo room was connected to the river leading to the Forest.



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