Water Suit
Water Suit
Template-info InformationTemplate-info
Available Yes
Type Clothes
Member item No (formerly yes)
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Card-Jitsu Water
Item ID See below
Unlockable No

The Water Suit is a set of items earned by playing Card-Jitsu Water. The items were exclusive to members until the Card-Jitsu Party 2011, when Non-Members could play the games Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water. On May 9, 2013, they became permanent non-member items.

The Objective

To earn the Water Suit, you have to win many rounds of Card-Jitsu Water by being the last one standing or hitting the gong before your opponents. After you win a couple of times, Sensei will reward you with parts of the Water Suit; first the Wave Sandals, then the Waterfall Coat, next the Torrent Mask, and finally the Helmet of Oceans. Then you can challenge Sensei in a battle, and become a Water Ninja if you beat him and earn the Water Gem on your Amulet.


Once you get the Waterfall Coat, you receive the Water Midway stamp. By earning the complete suit, you are given the Water Suit stamp. If you beat Sensei and become a Water Ninja you can earn the Water Ninja stamp.


Picture Name ID
WaveSandals Wave Sandals 6026
Waterfall Coat clothing icon ID 4121 Waterfall Coat 4121
Torrent Mask icon Torrent Mask 2025
HelmetOfOceans Helmet of Oceans 1087


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