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Water Dojo
Water Dojo

Where In a cavern behind the Waterfall
Opened November 16, 2010
Closed March 30, 2017
Mini-games Card-Jitsu Water
Room ID 816
Tour Description
Welcome to the Water Dojo. Water ninjas earn their suits here... by battling in Card-Jitsu. Some say they're the strongest ninjas. Others say they're all wet!

The Water Dojo is a treacherous dojo, located behind the large waterfall in the mountains of Club Penguin Island. Here, the ancient art of Card-Jitsu Water is practiced by penguins.

The dojo itself is positioned on a large chunk of mossy rock, supported by chains. There are a series of streams that pour down from above onto the floor of the Water Dojo, which then are then poured deep down by two small waterfalls in the corners of the dojo. There are two statues of Water Ninjas, and a raised platform where Sensei resides.

There are also a few Card-Jitsu Mats, a box of water balloons, and a few lanterns. There is a bridge which leads back to the Dojo.


The Water Dojo first opened on November 16, 2010. At this time, like the Fire Dojo before it, construction was in progress, and a hunt for water was put in place to tame the waterfall the dojo was located behind. After the hunt and construction ended, a Celebration of Water was held, and Card-Jitsu Water training begun.


  • During the Celebration of Water, there were many blue lanterns hung up around the Water Dojo, and two blue banners, which had the symbol of water on them.


  • When snowballs are thrown here, they turn into water balloons.
  • Originally, the whole Water Dojo would slowly sway from side to side, due to the chains. In 2011, this was removed, and the dojo would always remain stationary.
  • As seen in and according to the description of the Card-Jitsu card Water Party Sketch, the Water Dojo was originally going to have plants, small fountains, and even hot springs. However, they were removed to make the room look more intimidating, to reflect the environment and challenge of Card-Jitsu Water.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseDojo Água
FrenchDojo d'Eau
SpanishDojo Agua
RussianВодная школа единоборств


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