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The water element in Card-Jitsu

Water is a natural source in Club Penguin, it is around the whole Club Penguin Island. It supports many places like the Beach, the Dock, Cove, or the Iceberg. They also have usage in mini-games. Water has also been a theme for lots of parties (e.g. Water Parties). It is also one of the three Card-Jitsu Elements and the main element in the minigame Card-Jitsu Water.

In nature

There are several lakes and a river in Club Penguin's Island. Water also appears in the form of snow around the island.


Main article: H2O

H2O is Club Penguin's brand of water, dispensed by a vending machine. The bottle has a white cap and a blue label with text that reads "H2O". H2O is a chemical formula meaning two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule, which results in water. However, it cannot be drunk and it is only used for decoration.

Involvement with games


  • In November 2010, it rained in Club Penguin for the first time.
  • In reality, water is not an element. It is instead a compound, containing two atoms of hydrogen, and one atom of oxygen.

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