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#WaddleOn Episode 4
Club Penguin WaddleOn - Episode 4-101:39

Club Penguin WaddleOn - Episode 4-1

Genre Comedy, Sketch
Length 1:39
Season 1
Characters See Characters
Series #WaddleOn
Release Date August 2, 2013

#WaddleOn Episode 4 is the fourth episode in the sketch-comedy show #WaddleOn by Club Penguin. It was released on August 2nd, 2013.


"I am a vampire"

A vampire and a werewolf are sitting at a table in the School. After telling each other they're best friends, the werewolf says he wants to hunt vampires. The vampire then changes into a different costume and agrees to start hunting vampires.

"Now make a wish!"

A penguin dressed as a cowboy throws a coin in a wishing well. His friend, a horse, tells him to make a wish. Suddenly, lots of furniture (treasure) appears. The horse then throws a coin in the wishing well and makes a wish. All of the furniture that the cowboy had wished for and received suddenly went to the horse, leaving the cowboy with nothing.

"When will I ever learn?

One of the penguins dressed as a Pizza Chef as seen on the loading screen is flipping pizza. Suddenly, the pizza stays in the air and won't come down. The Pizza Chef says "When will I ever learn?".

"This is the spot"

Two penguins are digging for treasure. One of the penguins tells the other that they should dig for treasure on the X Marks the Spot furniture item. The other penguin asks if he can just take the treasure that's already there, and his friend replies "fine whatever".


A penguin goes to another penguin's igloo that is apparently hosting a party. When the penguin arrives in the host's igloo, he finds many "pookies" in a dark, scary igloo. The pookies start surrounding him, and the penguin yells "POOKIE TRAP!". The Wilhelm Scream is heard in this sketch.



  • This is the second episode of the WaddleOn series to mention pookies.
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