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Ye Olde #WaddleOn Medieval Party
Club Penguin WaddleOn - Episode 1101:50

Club Penguin WaddleOn - Episode 11

Genre Comedy, Sketch
Length 1.50
Season 1
Characters See Characters
Series #WaddleOn
Release Date September 27, 2013

Ye Olde #WaddleOn Medieval Party is the eleventh episode in the sketch-comedy show #WaddleOn by Club Penguin. It was released on September 27th, 2013.


"Blacksmith Force origin"

A penguin breaks their popcorn somehow. Another penguin takes it, goes to an anvil and fixes it. The penguin then takes their popcorn back, and says the penguin should get a bunch of blacksmiths and go around fixing stuff. The fixer then has a lightbulb, and the "Blacksmith Force" title comes up. The fixer then says it would be too hard.

"I'm not a chicken"

A penguin sees a puffle chicken. The puffle chicken says he is not a chicken, he turned into one with a magical spell. Then the penguin asks if the puffle chicken wants corn, and he agrees.

"It just piles up so fast"

A dragon tells penguins to clean up gold because he cannot see the rocks. The penguins agree, and another dragon agrees the gold is ugly.

"Got plans later?"

Two penguins in a cage plan to meet up with each other. They say bye, but as they are in cages, they cannot move.

"Magic hat"

A penguin says his hat can talk and his hat talks but another penguin thinks he's faking it. The hat goes away in a mood, and the penguin said "You made him angry."

"Orange is good for you"

An orange and his friends (dressed up as oranges) are going good deeds for a penguin. The penguin asks why, and the oranges (apart from the one doing the good deed) say "Because orange is good for you"


  • Bella Bugz
  • Funni Dude
  • Alli Gatr
  • Blingg Bird
  • Scaredy Kat
  • Dolly Button
  • Puff1e Dude
  • L8tr Skater
  • Cooki Rocket
  • Flower Miss


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