Vampire 1
Scientific name Unknown
Similar creatures Zombie, Ghost, Werewolf
Appeared Halloween Party 2013
Predators N/A
Prey Blood

Vampire is a transformation, a creature and a Monster for the Halloween Party 2013. They are pale grey penguins with a significantly more white belly and beak. Bat-like wings sprout from their shoulders and remain in a position for walking (not in a take-off stance). They have slightly red eyes with black pupils (Green sweet) green eyes with black pupils (Blue sweet) and Purple eyes and black pupils (Brown sweet). At the Halloween Party 2016 members are able to transform into them by using the Monster Maker 3000.

Special Abilities

  • Dance: The Penguin turns into a Bat Puffle that jumps and flaps its wings.
  • Wave: Depending on the Spectral Sweets consumed, the penguin will do the following things:
    • Summon a tiny bat and place it on his head, flying upward in the process. After some time, the penguin will fall into the ground (Dark green),
    • Summon a coffin (Grayish lavender).
    • Appear to bite something, and fold one wing (Light reddish brown).


  • For the female vampire transformation, Click the blue fang fudgie (Grayish lavender wings).
  • For the male vampire transformation, Click the green fang fudgie (Dark green wings).
  • For the other male vampire transformation Click the brown fang fudgie (Light reddish brown wings).
  • The Shadow Wings look similar to this transformation's wings.


Commercial / In-game

Dark Green

Grayish Lavender

Light Reddish Brown


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