Ever wanted a top trumps card of your own? Well, here you can request one! (You may have to wait 1-3 days for your card, depending on how many request I get a day.)

You can only have ONE request, so I don't have so many complaints and chaos. Fill out this request sheet-


Your title-(ex- the snow ninja)

Epic moment-

What the clipboard will say-



Special skills-



Picture- (you must attach a picture, not explain what the picture will be.)

Background- (You must attach a background, not explain what the background will be.)


Screenshot from 2013-01-03 15:57:34


Request Rules


oh, and that ^ will become bigger everytime someone breaks the rules.

Don't make god stats What I mean is that don't make all of your stats like 999999999.

Don't make too big titles and epic moments. The box they go in don't fit if it's a huge sentence, ok?

The maximum stat number is 400 But only ONE stat may be 400, not all of the stats.

Don't request cards that have non-cp related characters (ex-pokemon, sonic characters, etc) It doesn't make sense when a sonic character is on a top trumps cp card........

Attach a transparent picture I don't know how to make non-transparent pictures transparent.

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