Attention all Wikia users. I am here to make a deal with you. I am not forcing anything, but hear me out.

We have decided that it would be a good idea for you guys to merge with us. If you don't know already, Screenhog has been tweeting a lot of CPW users from both wikis. He said himself that the feud is ridiculous and that there should be one master Club Penguin database. We want you to move to our wiki for the following reasons:

  1. Wikia is filled with ads. Our wiki has one ad and it's at the bottom of our sidebar.
  2. We have our own paid domain name, making us look professional.
  3. We have our own staff. We are not strict and are almost always available for anything you may need.

If you merge with us, we are willing to make it seem more like home to you guys. We're going to add lots of features that you find here. We're working on Oasis (Wikia's skin) for our wiki, so you guys can use the wiki like you do here. We're working on an easier webchat experience as well! As for your admins, we will give them an admin-like right on our wiki which only excludes blocking.

The only thing different if you move will be the domain name and the fact that your admins can't block. But, if they do well, we may promote them to full admin. This merge could transform us into the ultimate CP database! We could get to know each other better and make a the wiki a happier place for the community!

All users from this wiki will be treated with 100% respect! We promise! We don't even strictly enforce COPPA! If you don't want to say your age, then don't say it. We won't care. Also, if you move, you can keep your edits! They won't be erased.

You can also join under a different name! If you don't like it later on, a staff member, like myself, can change it to whatever you want! An example of this is LordMaster96's rename to Error504. Now, the move does not have to be right away. We are still working on as many components as possible to make our wiki like home for you guys. Nothing bad could happen if you merge.

Is there anything else you'd want us to include? Let me know in the comments!

--$harkbate Talk2Meh 18:02, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

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