Hello everyone,

As you all know, many things had happened this week in this wiki! But, still the many things are kinda of not a good news and some are good.

First thing:

As you all notice, many users have been adding pages like Recon and Dimension Expedition, which we can know if it's true or false, because they don't have any proofs or it's not confirmed officially by Club Penguin. They just clam that they got an e-mail message from Club Penguin, which is not enough and never makes it confirmed officially. So, I hope users that makes these things to have some good proofs or it's officially confirmed by Club Penguin.

Second thing:

I noticed that many arguments tool place in the past months, which are a source of an silly or small thing. Like I notice that many users are claiming in there blog posts that they will quit wiki because a user was mean to him/her. This is not a reasonable thing and if anyone is annoying you please confirm one of the admins where admins will handle things.

Third thing:

As you all know we held our first Wiki Council Meeting which was in Feb. 2012, so we decided to hold another meeting to take opinions of the members of the wiki and discuss the changes happening.

Fourth thing:

The wiki finally got a bot to help us in the wiki work. (This is short!)

Fifth thing:

The Featured Image is finally back, to take part along with Featured Articles and Penguin of the Month. Also, the blog Wall of Fame is taking place, where it is held by Happy65. For more information, please contact Happy65.

Sixth thing:

I noticed that many activities are taking place, like Studios and all. So , I hope all users to join one of them.

So, I hope that the advices and news are clear for you all guys. I hope you will give us your opinion, views or anything else about these news and advices.

Thank you, Sdgsgfs 15:41, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

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