Hi everyone. I know this isn't really a blog, but I have a question (or rather 2) that hopefully someone can answer.

This has to do with the Shootouts in the Penguin Cup. Firstly, every time I face someone, whether I'm leading, trailing or it's tied, the last 10 seconds or so of the shootout, my opponent always stops shooting. Is it supposed to happen, or what?

Also, I'd like some clarification on the Shootouts page. I noticed that it states how the maximum points for a penguin without power shoes is 9, yet I've had several matches where I've score more than that, as seen in the picture included in this blog. In simplest terms, what does the 9 points represent? Thanks.

Penguin Cup Shootout Glitch

Update: I figured it out. I went on my laptop and could only score 9 scores and the user participated until the end (i.e. it was something on my computer). Please let me know if anyone else has this problem though.

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