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Unlucky me- Marvel Superhero Takeover

Hi Guys,

Today, Sirius18933 shower in chat where Aunt Arctic is- it was French Yeti. Me and some users that we in chat went to this server in order to find her, where many penguins (French speaksers so i couldn't understand much) were trying to enter the stage. I tried to ednter the stage too, but after a couple of tries decided to wait untill she come. I was waiting there, for about a minte or two, until i saw a grey bar with a red stamp appears on the tp-right side of the game (yes, i got the stamp). I searched for any sign for AA, but she wasn't there... According to conversations, i can guess she was either in hte HQ or the Downtown battle, but anyway, it's a member only room, but i assume she already logged off the server.

Unlucky Penguin-Pal Aunt Arctic Stamp


Well, i hope that if you find AA, you will have more luck that i had, and if not... you will always have another change!

Have a nice day, happy editing and Waddle On!

14:56, June 24, 2012 (UTC)

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