Pizza Party 2014

Members only? No (only The Pizzeria)
When  ????????
Free Item(s) See Free Items
Location Club Penguin Island
Mascot(s) Rookie and Rockhopper (Rockhopper comes week before so his bg isn't in the free items thing)

The Pizza Party 2014 is the second Pizza Party on club penguin (first being last year {Created by this guy}), Rookie and RH will be the mascot and the party planner was a worker at the Pizza Parlor, he thought that club penguin should have a party, dedicated to pizza once again! so he called Rookie and asked him to visit, Rockhopper also visited the Temple of Pizza and brought back a curse!

Free Items

Image Item Type Location
1joshuarules'sOrangePuffleHarryCustom Orange Puffle Puffle Pizza Parlor
Extra Cheesy Costume from a Player Card Extra Cheesy Costume Body Item The Pizzeria (members-only)
Cheese3000 Cheese 3000 Hand Item Rockhopper's Rare Items
Slice o pizza yum Rookie's Pizza Hand Item Meeting Rookie (First Week)
Rookie'sApril'sFoolsPartyBackgroundIcon Rookie's Giveaway Background Background Meeting Rookie (second week to end of party)
Pizza Plaza 2007 Fair Pizza Stand Furniture Pizzatron 3000 (only during party) (you only get in normal mode) (you get after 'serving' 5 penguins)
Mine Shack pizza plant Pizza Plant Furniture Forest
AuntArcitcPizzaGiveawayIcon'Transparent' Aunt Arctic's Pizza Giveaway Background Completing the Scavenger Hunt (this is the only bg with a mascot on that you can get without meeting them) (it is also the first mascot bg that u can not get by adding them and getting the bg from there PC) (CREDIT TO 1JOSHUARULES FOR THE ICON)

Rockhopper's Rare Items

Main Storyline (taken from Disney UK page)

Rockhopper has come from the Temple of Pizza and brought back some awesome items, the Pizza Parlor gets a new desgin and is decorated the most, Orange Puffles are now for all and Rookie get's his pizza on!

Scavenger Hunt Items

Clue: The first item is hidden well, where it is, some have fell

  • Location: Under water at the Hidden Lake
  • Item:Pizza Crust

Clue: The next item isn't far, during fairs, you drove a car

Clue: Now for the third, lemon curd?

  • Location: Topping tasting station at Pizza Parlor
  • Item: Lid from a can of tomatoes

Clue: Puffles galore! What's in store?

Clue: I am so bored I'm almost snoring, the next clue is pouring

  • Location: where the water bombs are at the Water Dojo
  • Item: Tomato

Clue: Be patient, your almost there, it is located next to a tall chair

Clue: Look, I'm out of ideas. Look at a place that sells fajitas

  • Location: food stand at Dock
  • Item: Crumbs


Clue: If you get this right you are done, it's in a place for dancing fun

  • Location: ontop of Disco Ball at Dance Club
  • Item: full pizza with one 1/8 missing

YOU GET Aunt Arctic's Pizza Giveaway!


  • This is Guinydyl's first custom party on the cp wiki blog
  • The Dock has loads of food stands (not just pizza)
    • But the Dock does not have a fajita stand, even though it says that in the scavenger hunt
  • The Dock is the only room NOT to have any pizza in during the party
    • This excludes un-decorated rooms
  • If you click the crust on the Ski Hill it will be 'eaten'


Tour Guide Descriptions

Room Tour Guide
Dock Want some pizza? Well meet me at the next stop, 'cause the dock only serves the non-pizza, non-fajita foodstuff, you can try some!
Beach This is the beach! As you can see, there is a giant candy cane where the lighthouse should be! Shall we go in?
Lighthouse This is the interior of that BIG candy cane. Look! some marshmallows and choc chips! Let's go eat some!
Beacon This is the pizza cooker, as you can see, some of the chefs use jet packs to go super fast to deliver pizza to hungry customers that order from there home
Ski Village This is the take out spot, where customers order there food, get your car and look through one of the windows to order your food, what's with the big crust slice though?
Ski Hill This is the big crust, take a bite! But if the bite was too big for you and your stomach hurts, go to the health center (wink)
Ski Lodge This is the health center, had some bad pepperoni or a allergic reaction, this is the place, just make sure you don't go fishing, the doctors love the smell of fresh fish and will look up, even if they are doing a very important operation!
Town This is the town, the pizza topping area! Look! A giant slice of pepperoni and.. is that a bar of cheese?, wait, and there is a bucket of fries in the middle of them? WHAT?
Snow Forts This is the battle of toppings, are you pepperoni, cheese, pesto or blue cheese? If not any, follow me to the PIZZA BATTLE!
Plaza 'Tis be the outside of an orange puffle storea tall pizza building, a pizza movie and an EPIC ROOM!!Shall we go to the orange puffle store?