The Bloggers' Cafe

Day 1

Begin scene I.

Regigigas21 enters stage left. SantaGirl349 enters stage right.

Reg. (waving): Hello.

SG (waving): Waddle on!

Regigigas and Santa Girl sit in arm chairs.

Reg. : What's up?

SG: I'm stressed out.

Reg. : Why?

SG: I have this friend, named Katoy, who was a friend named Cynadaquil, who knows how to make templates like this:

Powergreen1 This user loves Power Green Color!

And I want to make one for my color, Money Color, but I don't know how to do it!

Reg. : Why can't you just have Cyndaquil make one for you?

SG: They left for the Zeldapedia Cafe. I left a message on their page, though. Do you think they'll see it?

Reg. : I've got to be honest: They probably forgot about Club Penguin by now.

SG: Darn it.

The waiter enters, stage right.

Regigigas21 starts slouching in depression.

Waiter: Excusez-moi, can I take your order?

SG: Yes, a bowl of peppermint ice cream would be nice.

Reg. (muttering): I'd like a root bear, thank you.

Waiter: Soyez le bienvenu. You're welcome.

The waiter exits, stage right.

Reg. : Do you think we could make the template ourselves?

SG: If I can find an explanation that (yelling) SPEAKS ENGLISH!!

The waiter enters stage right. The waiter gives SantaGirl349 and Regigigas21 their food.

Waiter: Your meals, misses.

SG: Thank you. (to Reg.) Besides, I don't know how.

Reg. : It's probably possible. Just ask a tech-savvy person.

SG: (sighs) Not many people are tech-savvy these days.

Reg. : Don't worry. We'll work it out.

End of Scene I.

Topic of the Day

Begin Scene II

Enter SupaNinja75 and SuperBrown, stage left. SupaNinja sits in an arm chair and folds her flippers in her lap, while Super Brown snuggles up in a brown puffle bed.

SN: Hello. Welcome to Cafe Chatter. I'm your host, SupaNinja75.

SuperBrown snores.

SN: ...and of course you've already met SuperBrown. (gestures to SuperBrown)

SN: (to viewer) Today, we'll be discussing Hydro Hopper. Previously called Ballistic Biscuit, Hydro Hopper is an easy game found at the dock. No stamps can be earned in it. (pulls out picture at right) In the 100th issue of The Club Penguin Times, the name-change occurred. Other possibilities for new names were,

The name vote in The Penguin Times

Water Yacther, Wake Caper, Board Breaker, and, Ballistic Boarder. Did you know that in the original game, instead of a penguin, a human being was being dragged on the inner tube? It;s quite fascinating, yes, it is. (puts back picture) That's all for tonight on Hydro Hopper. Come back next time for more info on Cafe Chatter with SupaNinja! (to SuperBrown) Wake up, Brownie. It's time to leave.

SuperBrown wakes up.

SN: (pats SuperBrown on head) Good boy!

Exit, SupaNinja and SuperBrown, stage left.

End of Scene II.

End of Episode 1.



Cafe Chatter


Supa Ninja 75 and Super Brown.

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