Hello everyone! Since Techman isn't doing the updates, I thought I would give it a try! We have TWO new catalogs today, a new newspaper, a new update for puffles, and a new pin!

Penguin Style

Furniture Catalog

Igloo Catalog

Igloo Music


Puffle Snack Station Launched

A cool feature has been added, a puffle snack station! Just click on the machine and this menu will come up.

Pick a pizza and your puffle will jump up and eat it!

New Pin

The new pin is out, the Prank Fangs Pin, hidden at the Cave Mine!

10-3 pin

Puffles no longer hand items!

I had my pumpkin basket on, and I walked my orange puffle, and the pumpkin basket was still on me!

Walking puffle with hand item

See the pumpkin basket in the back?

Well, that's it for today! See you later!

Pumpkin Pin JWPengie is ready for the Halloween Party! PumpkinHead 23:04, October 4, 2013 (UTC)

P.S. I may be starting my own version of the updates blogs!

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