As you may know, I'm english and I'm very happy to see the 2012 olympics hosted in London. Therefore, I have organised a WikiOlympics. Who will win the most gold medals? Team GB, USA, Israel, Bahrain? Any team could win, this blog will tell you more about it.

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony was hosted on 27/07/2012 at 19:00.


  • 27/07/2012: Opening ceremony
  • 28/07/2012: First events

Medal Table

Team GB0000
Team USA0000
Team Canada0000
Rest of World0000


  • Team GB (7) (Captain: Happy65) Apj26, Director Wasp125, C H U N K Y, Roger6881, Edsta, TomSkaDude)
  • Team USA (7) (Captain: Green Ninja) Shurow, Ibetatester, Awesome335, ShrimpPin, Vikey3067, Choco Late9)
  • Team Canada (7) (Captain: Hey.youcp) Pam pam4, AustinD3, Orangebird703, Tractonmaincp, Rule666, Percylover2)
  • Rest of World (7) (Captain: Blastthehedgehog) Pucho00, PengyChat3, Wave J123, Star kirby12, Cylly1512, Yugimuto1)
  • Reserves: Psaro the Penguinslayer, Alabama67, Puffleboy25

Sign Up

If you wanna be a competitor, ask in the comments.

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