We have a winner, chosen by our voters! Our Penguin of the Month is Sdgsgfs, winning with 9 overall votes! Congratulations!


Sdgsgfs has won a great award to put on his user page for winning the Penguin of the Month competition. The award that Sdgsgfs won is below:

About Happy65...

Happy65 has once been the Penguin of the Month! Cheers for them!

To vote for this month's Penguin of the Month, follow the link!

The award goes by the title of the page so on Sdgsgfs's user page it would say Sdgsgfs instead of the name of the blog

Main Page

Sdgsgfs is featured on the main page for winning the POTM. I organised it this month whilst Dps left a comment, you can read it on the main page.

Do you wanna win

If you want to win, you have to try hard and be the community's best user of the month as the community vote on the award.

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