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Issue #3: December 4, 2014
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TPH Issue 3 Cover Hi everyone! This is our first issue to kick off December! We got plenty of fun stuff for this whole month, so remember to read each issue. Next issue: December 11

CPNext Emoticon - Light Bulb

When Rsnail was 12 he created a small game with his brother called Orbit Zoids. This was his first game ever

Club Penguin was originally scheduled to launch in 2010

Happy77 was Club Penguin’s first writer

10% of Club Penguin Membership profits are donated to charity

This Week...


Huzzah! There is a new stage play! Replacing Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal VS Squidzoid, is A Humbug Holiday, folks. So go and see that...I guess. Instead of CP updating yesterday, it updated this morning. Anyways, a new CP Times issue has been released, and a new issue of the Penguin Style has been released as well. We have new Furniture coming next week, so get pumped for that.

Weekly Challenge

Prehistoric 2014 Emoticons Clock static

This week's weekly challenge is to...


Remember to submit your submissions here, with photo proof!

Puffle Rescue better

Interview with Fuzzy

Microphone icon

This week we will know more about the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Fuzzy!

1Q: What is your favorite food?
1A: Pasta, such as spaghetti, or lasagna, or chicken alfredo. =]

2Q: What is your favorite video game?
2A: Super Paper Mario

3Q: If you were able to do something to CP, how would you improve it?
3A: I would put less takeovers. :/

4Q: What is the best thing you are good at?
4A: Drawing.

5Q: What made you name yourself Fuzzy
5A: Because I am a random kind of dude.

Mascot Sightings

Camera pin

Unfortunately, no mascots are visiting currently.

Screenshots here.

Igloo of the Week

Igloo Icon July 26, 2012

The theme of this week is about... BLACK FRIDAY! even though it past

Nobody's participating! Rage face

To submit your igloo, please submit a screenshot of your igloo here. The best igloo will be featured in the next issue of TPH, as well as the user who designed it.


Dec. 11:
*New Pin
*Furniture Catalog
Dec. 18:
*Coins For Change 2014 + Merry Walrus Party
December 31:
*New Years Eve!
Crab Lock Pin
Next pin available: Dec. 11 - Dec. 25
Clothing Icons 7208

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