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Issue #4: April 7, 2014
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The ONLY Pin that you could buy though the Club Penguin Times was the Christmas Tree Pin.

The VIP Penthouse igloo is ONLY available to Moderators.

Card Jitsu Snow gets played about 100,000 - 500,000 times each day on both the web, and on mobile.

Ghosts Just Wanna Dance (a song that you can play in your igloo) was NOT an instrumental song!

Club Penguin Times Issue #440

Club Penguin had released this Newspaper based on Rockhopper running out of supplies!So Make sure you read the full newspaper and also read the Jokes and the Comics to laugh out loud and the secrets to find many mysteries.

New Pin – Cream Pie Pin


Club Penguin released a new pin, that is the Cream Pie Pin. It can be found at the Mine Shack.

Battle of the Ancient Shadows Returns Again!

Stage Battle of the Ancient Shadows shadow penguin

Club Penguin Updated the Stage and added Battle of the Ancient Shadows to the stage and there is only two hidden items as usual.You can click the monkey’s left arm for the Megaphone (145 coins) and the Director’s Cap. (250 coins)

Penguin Style Updated

Treasure Book series 2 17

Club Penguin Updated the Penguin Style(Clothing Catalog) and many items released for members and one item for everyone.There are totally 7 cheats.

Club Penguin Website Updated

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Club Penguin Website is now Updated! The membership Page gives Us a Sneak Peek about the Upcoming Puffle Party 2014.

And Not only that Club Penguin also came back with the Buy One and Gift One Membership Scheme!



Hey everyone its your friend Cool Pixels. Club Penguin updated today and here are the updates. And how is the new theme? Its from The Penguin Herald and the logo is made by ME and Ivan55562 told me how to make it. Special thanks to Penguin-Pal and Roger6881 helping me make this theme. And also give feedback and improvements about this update page as a comment. Penguin-Pal helped me with the theme. Roger6881 gave me permission to use the theme and change the color.

New Cream Pie Pin
Cream Pie Pin Clothing Icons 7193

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