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Issue #6: April 17, 2014
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Members can adopt Orange Tabby Cat and Blue Border Collie on April 17.

Rockhopper will be a mascot along with Puffle Handler for The Puffle Party 2014.

That Puffle Party 2014 will be the first party to become available in the Club Penguin App.

Puffle Party 2014 is 6th annual Puffle Party in Club Penguin.

Club Penguin Times Issue #443


Club Penguin has released a the newspaper which is about the puffle party 2014. So Make sure you read the full newspaper and also read the Jokes and the Comics to laugh out loud and the secrets to find many mysteries.

New Pin- Puffle Park Pin

Club Penguin added a new pin named Puffle Park Pin which can be found inside the University.

Puffle Party Cheats

Here is the PH's notification that appears when you logs into club penguin, You must click next or ok for everything: 0ci

You must click the brown thing at the top to proceed: 1xp1

A screen pops-up and you have many options there. Here you can collect items by clicking Go There and going to some places. You can also transform into puffles (even if you are a non-member). 2xp

Here is the screen which appears when you tries to transform into a puffle, Just click Transform: 3xp

When you go to the Puffle Shop PH will be there and when you click here a screen pops-up and click next or ok. After that you must click the place where you usually buy puffles.


Once you get a puffle you can perform many puffle tricks, even digging.


You can get a cool item when you head to the beach! 7xp

This screen apppears when you try to access the Puffle Gala before 24th April. 6xp



Hey everyone its your friend Cool Pixels. Club Penguin updated today and here are the updates. And how is the new theme? Its from The Penguin Herald and the logo is made by ME and Ivan55562 told me how to make it. Special thanks to Penguin-Pal and Roger6881 helping me make this theme. And also give feedback and improvements about this update page as a comment. Penguin-Pal helped me with the theme. Roger6881 gave me permission to use the theme and change the color.

New Pin-Puffle Park Pin
Puffle Park Pin Clothing Icons 7191

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