Note: Unlike normal 1joshuarules Adventure mini stories, which are about me and only feature me in pictures, this is a special edition to the 1joshuarules Adventures mini stories guest starring and guest written by my real life best friend Ultimate iPad Expert. Enjoy! -1joshuarules

Hello this is Ultimate iPad Expert (UiPE), better known as Filmtraveler. Before the story I'm going to tell you the story behind the story of The Curse of Candyhead! *creepy music sound effect* *lightning strike* Ahhh! Yeesh, that was weird. Anyway, it all started when 1joshuarules and I were talking about his Halloween Party 2013 story for the 1joshuarules Adventures. (which didn't end up happening, the result of a long story I'm not here to tell you) We were joking around about my penguin's outfit on Club Penguin. (basically my normal outfit except with the Wrapper Head item on) I started talking out of nowhere about how my penguin was dressed up as the legendary monster, Candyhead. As they say, the rest is history. Enjoy my story! (Be sure to stick around for a surprise at the end!)

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he screamed as the monster grew nearer and nearer and then- The TV froze. "Aw man!" I said "I really don't like suspense. "Well, I guess it's time to trick-or-treat, we'll watch the rest of the movie later." My buddy 1joshuarules said. I replied with a sigh and then a great smile. He began to put on his werewolf hunter costume. I took off my cap and pushed on my amazing costume! "What are you supposed to be?" he remarked. "The elusive Candyhead, duh." became my immediate response. "Candyhead? Who's that?" he asked. I loudly gasped followed by my response, "You've never heard the legend of Candyhead? Rookie told me it every year. It goes a little something like-" I was interruped by a question from 1joshuarules, "How did he-?" I interrupted right back with, "That's not important now! Anyway, it all started one spooky Halloween night..." Cavitybeak42 was the best trick-or-treater ever! He went door to door,
filling bag after bag with candy. After hours and hours of trick-or-treating he had collected so much candy he filled half of his igloo! But he wasn't satisfied until he had hit every house on Club Penguin. He poured out a bag of candy into his igloo and headed off to the spooky old mansion that for some reason only appears there for Halloween. He reached the porch and waddled up the steps, which creaked on every step. There he stood standing in front of the door and knocked with his flipper. The door creaked open slowly. "Trick-or-treat!" He said with a sound of hesitation in his penguin throat. He stepped in and waddled around slowly and steadily making sure that each plank of wood he steps on is not broken or wet. He explored every nook and cranny of the old mansion and... Nothing! No candy. So, he gave up. On his way out he noticed a huge candy wrapper with a hole in it. Inside the wrapper
was a small note which read, "This item may be cool and stylish, but beware whoever wears it will be transformed into the elusive Candyhead" Just as he finished reading lightning clapped loudly as creepy music played. He then headed out to check in the graveyard to see if the creepy gravedigger was giving away candy at his shack. He waddled through passing by grave after grave until he reached the shack. It was cramped, old, wet, and most of all creepy. He knocked with his flipper and made a hole in the shed. Noticing this, he started running in fear of what the gravedigger could do. Faster and faster he ran, then he stopped thinking he heard something. A cold Haloween breeze blew across his head. Being cold he put on the Candyhead wrapper. At first nothing happened and then he began to
transform. Bigger and bigger he grew, he began to walk forward and fell into an empty tomb. As he looked up the grave digger was shoveling snow into the grave where he sat. Time passed. Hours and hours. Water was shown dripping slowly from a sink (for some reason). Then it happened! A butterfly flew off for the first time after metamorphosis. Oh, wait. That's not what happened. Candyhead began to rise from the grave... "And legend has it that he has terrorized the town in search of more candy since then." I finished my story with a thankful applaud from 1joshuarules. "Nice job!" he said "The butterfly thing was weird, though." "It's called comedy." I remarked. "Let's go trick-or-treating" he said as we waddled towards the door. "Maybe we'll meet the real Candyhead!" I said. He replied with a smile and we both laughed as we headed for candy.

The End?


Did you enjoy the story? We'll there are more to come! That's right, I'm announcing my new story series, just like the 1joshuarules Adventures! So, go to this link to check out some more info on the new series and how you can be a part of it! This has been Ultimate iPad Expert, see you next time.

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