Unplugged arcade machine
Is it seen right now? No
Type Arcade game
Party The Fair 2014
The Fair 2015
Where? Arcade or Galaxy Park

The unplugged arcade machine was a machine in Club Penguin, which was located at the Arcade. It sat in between the Bits & Bolts arcade machine and the target game. It was usable at The Fair 2014 and The Fair 2015, and it was located at Galaxy Park, and players could enter the Virtual World from it.


  • It first appeared after the renovation of the Dance Lounge on March 28, 2011.
  • On February 13, 2014, it was removed from the Arcade, revealing a slice of pizza and a coin under where it was once placed.
  • During The Fair 2014, it was found in Galaxy Park. It was finally revealed that the machine made a Virtual World version of your penguin to play a catch food game like Pac-Man. The machine was moved back to the Arcade after the party ended.
  • During The Fair 2015, the machine was located in Galaxy Park again. However, unlike the previous Fair, the machine was both at Galaxy Park and at the Arcade.


  • Gary the Gadget Guy stated in an EPF message on February 13, 2014 that there is a 27.84% chance it would explode if plugged in.
  • According to Gary in issue 532 of the Club Penguin Times, the machine was built as a first experiment for computer programming. It was also stated it cannot be used often, as the "Modular VR Matrix could overheat", and if that occurred, penguins would be stuck in the 8-bit world.


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