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Unknown Band member

Full Name Unknown
Species Penguin
Position Guitarist
Appeared Winter Luau 2006
Color Light Blue
Clothes Items Acoustic Guitar, Grass Skirt
Related To Unknown
Friends With Stompin' Bob, G Billy, Petey K and Franky
Meetable Character? No

The Unknown Band member was a mysterious light blue penguin who was seen during the Winter Luau 2006 with the Penguin Band before Franky had joined. It is theorized that he/she was Petey K or Franky wearing a different outfit, because only G Billy and Stompin' Bob were present. The only name he/she went by was "Band Member".


The unknown band member is a light blue penguin who has the talent of playing the guitar. His/her last and only appearance was at the Winter Luau, performing at the Night Club, in January 2006.


  • There were rumors which thought that it might have been Tommy, but then was later discovered that he was not Tommy, as Tommy played the Tuba.
  • It is possible he/she quit the band, so the Penguin Band hired Franky.
  • It's possible he/she may have been one of the other band members wearing another outfit and color.


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