Unknown Blue Crab

The infamous blue crab.

Full Name Unknown
Species Clubpenguinus Crabus
Position Unknown (Possibly with Herbert)
Appeared Shadow seen on old login screen
Color Possibly blue
Clothes Items None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

The Unknown Blue Crab appeared in many fan blogs in the past after his debut on a Field-Ops glitch screen. It was officially been spotted in a login screen through its shadow.


  • It appeared after a Field-Op was accomplished, this was caused by a glitch.
  • Blue crabs were spotted during Island Adventure Party 2011.
  • He appeared in a video from 2011.
  • It might not be blue, as usually all Spy Phone messages are blue.
    • After the April 2013 Spy Phone update, its color changed to green.
      • The crab is most likely red, since the Spy Phone has its own message color.
  • It appears to be a fiddler crab due to the fact one of its claws is bigger than the other claw.
  • It also seems to be an elderly crab, judging from its eyebrows and elderly appearance. Ironically, real life blue crabs have very short lifespans, generally only living for a few years.