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Underwater room

Where Towards the right in the Hidden Lake
Puffle Rescue Underwater Level
Opened January 21, 2010 (Members-only)
March 15, 2010
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games None
Room ID 815
Tour Description
BLUB! This place is Underwater... Look at all the colorful fish and plants! And Treasure! This place sure is unusual...

The Underwater is a special room located beside the Hidden Lake. It can only be accessed by following the Giant Squid's shadow in the game Puffle Rescue or by using a special link. After a penguin has followed the shadow, he or she enters this room and can then come back whenever they like if they obtained the Moss Key Pin before it was removed. Although there are no games to play in this room, the members-only mode in the game Puffle Rescue leads to it.


  • This room was first opened as a members only room during the Cave Expedition. There was a free Coral Reef Background attached to a rock. The background is no longer there and has been replaced by the Moss Key Pin, which is available in exactly the same spot. The room reopened on March 15, 2010 and is only accessible after getting the Moss Key Pin.


Moss Key Pin Message

The message that will pop up if you attempt to enter this room without the Moss Key Pin.

  • This room can now be accessed by both members and former members, whose memberships have expired, with the Moss Key Pin, as of April 10, 2014.
  • There was once a background here, and it was replaced by the Moss Key Pin which was removed for the Underwater Expedition along with a pearl and the fish. These were however brought back soon after.
  • If you throw a snowball, it turns into a bubble which pops upon landing in the target.
    • Recently, when you throw a snowball, it stays as a snowball. This glitch is being fixed.
  • During the Holiday Party 2013, members with trains were able to bring non-members here, and if the non-member exited the train, they could stay in the room. Shortly after, this trick was fixed, meaning that if a member with a train brought the non-members to the room, the non-members would automatically be kicked out of the train by a key note and stay at the Hidden Lake, resulting in only member penguins, who obtained the key, staying in the Underwater Room.
  • Non-members who have not obtained the key can still access the room with this link.

Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseNa Água
FrenchSous l'Eau
SpanishBajo el agua


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