Ultimate Mega Dragon
Ultimate Mega Dragon
Scientific name Ultimus Dragocous (lizard species) Draconis occidentalis (mythological creature)
Similar creatures Lizard, Hydra, Sea Dragon, Sea Monsters, Dragon
Appeared Medieval Party 2013, The Fair 2015
Predators  ?
Prey  ?

Ultimate Mega Dragon is a dragon transformation in Club Penguin. Members could transform into them at Medieval Party 2013 by mixing potions, and could also use this transformation through the catalog of The Fair 2015. Their scales are as hard as any knight's armor, they can fly around and have the ability to breathe fire.


  • Players could not 'throw' fire in igloos.
  • You could have walked your puffles while transformed into the Ultimate Mega Dragon, although they will become invisible until the spell is reversed.
  • It was the last transformation in Garianna's spell book.
  • Unlike the Pteranodon transformation, you could not fly while you were transformed.


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