Tusk's Cave
Tusk's Lair

Where Snow Dojo
Opened May 23, 2013
Closed Still open
Mini-games Card-Jitsu Snow
Room ID N/A
Tour Description

Tusk's Cave is a lair where Sensei and the Ninjas battle Tusk in Card-Jitsu Snow. It is accessed after you receive your Snow Gem. It is found on the side of the cliff the Snow Dojo is on.


  • Tusk made his lair when Sensei smashed him into the mountain and when the avalanche was caused. He lived there for years, plotting revenge and mastering snow.
  • Ice sculptures of the Snow Minions can be seen in the background and foreground.
  • What seems to be Tusk's throne can be seen on the top-right hand corner of the lair. There's also a small abyss nearby too.
  • The room can only be entered whilst the player is battling Tusk.


There is currently a glitch for some users where the cave can only be entered at the bottom right side. Stand below the cave and click on the larger part of the odd rock with two heights: 

Club penguin glitch cave


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