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Tubes are a mode of transportation in Club Penguin Island that can only be used by members. Tubes can be used by pressing the action button for them in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Pressing the button causes the player to ride on the tube, and pressing it again dismounts the player from the tube. Tubes can be accessed through the inventory by clicking a green button with an Island Tube on it, on the bottom of the screen, next to the buttons for Gear and Party Supplies.

While riding a tube, the player slides along the ground and on top of water. Tubes are affected by friction, so if the player is standing still or moving slowly and mounts the tube, the tube will move slowly. If the player is moving quickly, jumps off of something, or is on a slope and mounts the tube, it will move faster.

Prior to the 1.2.0 update, only the Island Tube was available.

Tubes are an essential part of the Mt. Blizzard zone, and a tube/sled racing game is featured at its very peak.

List of tubes

Icon Name Obtained by
Tube Island Tube icon
Island Tube Available by default
Tube Funky Feather icon
Funky Feather Reach level 2
Tube Cake Cruiser icon
Cake Cruiser Reach level 5
Tube Firebreather icon
Firebreather Reach level 7
Tube Gravitube icon
Gravitube Reach level 9
Tube UGGA TUBE icon
UGGA TUBE Reach level 13
Tube Lifesaver icon
Lifesaver Reach level 15
Tube Xpedition icon
Xpedition During "Icy Infiltration" adventure

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenges involve using a tube. Challenges with a dark gray background are currently unused, and do not appear in the game.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
What Goes Up
RH quest icon
Solo Test gravity by tubing off the Lighthouse 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Bumpy Road
RH quest icon
Solo Tube from Buoy #6 to the Foodtrekker 3 times 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Take The Plunge
RH quest icon
Solo Ride your tube on the Boardwalk waterslide 3 times 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Tip Top Tube
RH quest icon
Solo Float onto a water geyser in your tube 20 coins and 20 XP Yes
Water Falling
RH quest icon
Solo Tube ride the Cove waterfall 3 times, top to bottom 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Whoa Cocoa
AA quest icon
Solo Drink hot cocoa while tubing in the lazy river 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
AA quest icon
Community Together, drink 500 cocoas total while tubing the lazy river 50 coins and 20 XP Yes
Want a Pizza Me?
AA quest icon
Solo Eat a slice of pizza while tubing the lazy river 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Anchovy Overload
AA quest icon
Community As a group, eat 1,000 slices of pizza total while tubing the lazy river 50 coins and 20 XP Yes
Tubular Travels
RH quest icon
Solo Circle the Cove's largest island while in your tube 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Unintended Use
RH quest icon
Solo Tube UP the stairs to the zipline in the Cove 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
The Stair Down
RH quest icon
Solo Tube down the stairs in the Sea Caves, starting on the balcony 30 coins and 20 XP Yes


Names in other languages


Language Name
German N/A
Russian N/A

Tube names

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