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Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt sandbox.
Players 2
Controls Mouse
Minigame Location Captain's Quarters, Beach (only during Rockhopper's Quest)
Date released April 28, 2008

Treasure Hunt is a 2 player game that is located in the Captain's Quarters room aboard the Migrator.

This game can only be played when the Migrator is on Club Penguin. However, when Rockhopper leaves, you cannot play this game until his next visit.


Penguins playing Treasure Hunt in the Captain's Quarters, located in the Migrator.

How to Play it

Objective of the Game

Players work together to uncover as much buried treasure as they can before they run out of turns.

The Board

Each player has a side of the board (top or left) and controls where along his or her side of the board sand is dug up from. Therefore, if a player has the horizontal game play, they cannot dig vertically.

How to Play

Players alternate turns and have 6 turns each. Player 1 selects where a row of sand is dug up and Player 2 selects where a column of sand is dug up. Where the rows and columns intersect, the sand is dug all the way down to where the treasure may be.

Sparkles in the Sand

Look out for sparkles in the sand. This usually indicates where a piece of treasure is buried.


  • Coins- worth 1 coin each.
  • Rubies - worth 25 coins each.
  • Emerald- worth 100 coins. Does not appear in every game.

-Christmas time-

  • Peppermints- worth 1 coin each.
  • Candy Canes - worth 25 coins each.
  • Green Christmas tree bauble- worth 100 coins. As before, does not appear every game.

Ending the Game

The game is over when both players have used all six of their turns. All completely revealed treasure on the board has their coin values added up and each player receives that many coins. The more treasure you find, the bigger the reward.

Tips for playing

  • A good trick is to do every second line of the board, so you uncover any rubies or emeralds that you can. The other player will hopefully uncover the next of it. Obviously, if you find half of the ruby/emerald, you should uncover the other half before continuing on doing every other row/column.
  • Play with friends or those who you can talk to and have a tactic with.
  • Some players will just play to annoy others by deliberately not uncovering obvious things. If you end up with this type of player, continuing playing as much as possible, but if they really bug you, just leave the game. They shouldn't get coins from it.
  • Whenever there are two shines right next to each other, there will be a high chance that a gem is beneath one of those two sparkles. Dig where those two sparkles are, to see if there is a gem there. If a coin appears under one of those two shines, the other cannot be a gem either (so you might as well leave it alone).
  • If there are three sparkles next to each other in the same row/column, dig for the middle one. You'll probably end up uncovering a gem, but if you uncover a coin in the middle, the other two by it will probably not be gems.


  • Treasure Hunt stamps were created during the Earth Day 2011 party. Currently, there are five of them.
    • If a game have stamp then when you close that he will show a board that will show coins and stamps that you have earned, But this game's board will show only coins amount that you have earned
  • Unlike most of the other games, you wont receive double amount of coins even if you collected all the treasure hunt stamps.
  • During Rockhopper's Quest, the Treasure Hunt was on the Beach because the Captain's Quarters was inaccessible.
  • It is possible to get all the stamps in one Treasure Hunt game.
  • A variant of Treasure Hunt called Dino Dig can be played during the Prehistoric Party 2013.
  • The maximum possible number for gems/emeralds in a single game is 9, while the maximum number of coins is 36.
  • Rockhopper played this game with other players during the Holiday Party 2012.


  • During Rockhopper's visit on August 8, 2008, the game had a glitch for the first few days and could not be played, but was then put back up.
  • Since the Prehistoric Party 2014, there has been a glitch where gems are called "eggs."

Christmas Edition

Christmas treasure hunt

The Christmas Edition of Treasure Hunt.

In December 2008, Rockhopper went "overboard" in decorating the Migrator for Christmas. The Treasure Hunt was changed for the season. Coins were replaced with peppermints, rubies were replaced with candy canes, and emeralds were replaced with ornaments. The sand was changed to snow in this edition, since it's colored white. It returned in December 2009, Holiday Party 2010, and at the Holiday Party 2011.



Name Description
Fire Ninja stamp (Card-Jitsu Snow) Win 3 Rounds as a Fire Ninja.
Snow Ninja stamp Win 3 Rounds as a Snow Ninja.
Water Ninja stamp (Card-Jitsu Snow) Win 3 Rounds as a Water Ninja.


Name Description
Revive stamp Revive a ninja.
3 Ninja Combo Stamp Play a Power Card in the same turn as all ninjas.
Up and at 'em stamp Get revived and still win the battle.
Huge Heal stamp Heal all ninjas with 1 Snow Power Card.
Snow Shield stamp Shield other ninjas in a Snow Power Card Combo.
Wave Boost stamp Boost all ninja attcks in a Water Power Card Combo.
Power Card Pro stamp Play 3 Power Cards in a battle.
Snow Pro stamp Earn the gem. Finish over half of your Snow journey.


Name Description
4 Ninja Combo Play a Power Card in the same turn as all ninjas & Sensei.
Team Revival stamp Win after all ninjas have fallen and been revived.
Heal 15 stamp Heal a ninja 15 times in a battle.
Tidal Wave stamp Damage 3 Snow Minions with 1 Water Power Card.
Fire Blast stamp Blast 3 Snow Minions with 1 Fire Power Card.
Fire Blast Combo stamp Blast 3 Snow Minions with 1 ire Power Card in a Combo.
3 Combos stamp Play 3 Power Card Combos in a battle.


Name Description
Full Health Stamp Reach a Full Health Bonus Round.
Bonus Win Stamp Defeat all Snow Minions in a Bonus Round.
Final Battle stamp Defeat the master of Snow.

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