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Treasure Book

Date released October 24, 2008
Available? Still available
Update frequency Generally every 8-12 months, may vary
Items sold Clothing, puffles, coins
Where found Unlock Items Online, Clothes Shop

The Treasure Book is a special catalog in Club Penguin that contains many different items, puffles, and coins, all of which are available to all players, and some are exclusives that are only found in this catalog. While anyone can view it from within the Clothes Shop or Unlock Items Online, items within it can only be obtained with special codes from real-life merchandise. The Treasure Book is usually updated every several months or so. The first series of the Treasure Book was released on October 24, 2008, during the 3rd Anniversary Party. Since then, there have been 21 different issues.

List of items

Release History



The Treasure Book penguin as seen in the Treasure Book at the Clothes Shop.

  • The White Puffle was added to the Treasure Book in series 5.
  • The Orange Puffle was added to the Treasure Book in series 7.
  • The Brown Puffle was added to the Treasure Book in series 14.
  • Entering a code from an old Treasure Book will only allow the player to obtain the items from the current one.
  • The first 13 series of the Treasure Book were removed on October 4, 2011, as series 14 was released.
  • Series 19 consists solely of previous Treasure Book items.
  • Polo Field said that Series 20 would be released on April 18, 2013, but it was released September 28, 2013 instead.
    • Starting on January 16, 2014, all players could view Series 20 from the Clothes Shop.


Names in other languages

Language Name
PortugueseO Livro dos Tesouros
FrenchLivre aux Trésors
SpanishEl Libro de los Tesoros
GermanDas Schatz Buch
RussianКнцга Сокровцщ


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