System Defender Track Herbert intro

The beginning of the level.

Track Herbert is the 6th level in System Defender. It was released on August 18, 2011, and provides the background information for Operation: Hibernation.


The game starts when Herbert attacks the EPF's main computer. While doing so, Gary attempts to track the location of Herbert's hideout, and the player needs to buy gary enough time by stopping all virus enemies' waves. Gary finds out that Herbert's location is somewhere in the mountains, and in the end of the level, his exact location is revealed- the Toughest Mountain.

Operation: Hibernation

Main article: Operation: Hibernation

By finding the location of herbert's hideout, the EPF planned to stop further attempts by Herbert to take over the island. Gary used the Air Conditioner 3000 to blast Herbert's hideout with cold air, and thereby made him hibernate. During the Great Snow Race, EPF agents infiltrated into Herbert's base, and constructed a cage to make sure that he doesn't escape.


  • Once the player completes it, they will earn the Track Herbert Stamp.
  • The level has 16 different cannon slots, and a total of 155 enemies.


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