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TraceTracker 3000

The Gadget on the EPF Spy Phone
Invented by Gary the Gadget Guy
Damaged by N/A
Located EPF Phone

The TraceTracker 3000 is a feature on the EPF Phone that came with the upgrade on April 5, 2013. It allows you to view the "trace" of certain things by using clues or DNA samples. Only members can use it.


The gadget requires two clues from the thing you are looking for in order to work. Once you find those it emits a green circle and you can see the target's footsteps (or where their body has touched, as Herbert's DNA was shown in the shape of an angel on the ground).


  • This was probably created by Gary, as it has 3000 at the end of its name.
  • Non-Members can use a similar version, called the TraceTracker 100.
  • When non-members attempt to activate it, the membership popup that is shown contains a binary representation of the text EPF.


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