The Tour Booth.

The Tour Booth is a stand in the Ski Village where Tour Guides go to read the book How to be a Great Tour Guide. It is also where a player who is not a tour guide can go to learn how to become a tour guide. The booth received a redesign when the Ski Village was updated.


  • Once you become a Tour Guide, you can read the book How to be a Great Tour Guide by clicking on the Tour Booth. (See this article for more details.)

Tour Guides

  • Being a center of attention for Tour Guides or penguins searching for a tour, Tour Guides will usually advertise tours near here so penguins searching for a tour can get one.

Tour Guide test

  • To be a tour guide, your penguin must be at least 45 days old and you must have at least seven correct answers in a test about puffles, games and locations of items in Club Penguin. Once a penguin passes the test, they are officially Tour Guides and receive a Tour Guide Hat, which lets penguins hold up their TOURS HERE sign and use the "Give a Tour" function.

Joining a tour

  • If a player wants a tour, then they should go near a penguin holding up a "TOURS HERE" sign and ask for a tour.


  • It was accidentally removed during the Puffle Party 2010 due to a bug. It was later fixed.
  • The Tour Booth was originally located at the Plaza. However, when the Forest opened on May 25, 2007, it was moved to the Ski Village, with the path to the Forest taking its place.
  • During many parties, the booth was moved to the left of the Ski Village, by the path to the Beach, in order to make space, usually for another room. After the Ski Lodge was renovated on March 18, 2015, the booth permanently was moved to its spot by the Beach.


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