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Costume Trunk June 2008 5

Full Name Tiki
Species Penguin
Position Actor
Appeared The Penguins that Time Forgot
Color Yellow
Clothes Items Grass Skirt,
Blue Tiki Mask
Pink Tiki Mask
Related To Unknown
Friends With Kek, Critteroo
Meetable Character? No

Tiki is a penguin in The Penguins that Time Forgot. He speaks in a language of grunts and strange noises that Chester can not understand.


Not much is known about Tiki due to his inability and lack of knowledge about the penguin language; instead he vocalises his opinions through a series of grunts. However, he does appear to be kind and welcoming towards Chester; attempting to help him return "home" to the present and going against caveman/penguin stereotypes.


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