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Type Currency
Party Every Fair
Where? Playing Fair games

Tickets are an additional currency in Club Penguin, temporarily added during Fairs. To earn tickets, one must play Fair games. Tickets could be redeemed at Prize Booths.

If someone were to log off with unused tickets, they would all be removed, putting the player back at 0 tickets. However, starting from The Fair 2012, tickets were saved even after logging off.


There are three types of tickets: the original orange ticket, the gold ticket, and the silver ticket. Orange and gold tickets are the standard tickets, and can be used to trade for prizes. Silver tickets were first introduced at The Fair 2014, and allow non-members to use them to enter the special rides that the Fair offers, such as Bullseye or The Space Squid.

List of Prizes

Fall Fair 2007 Plaza

Fall Fair 2008


Bonus Game Room

The Fair 2009


Great Puffle Circus Entrance

The Fair 2010


Great Puffle Circus Entrance

The Fair 2011


Great Puffle Circus Entrance

The Fair 2012


Great Puffle Circus Entrance

The Fair 2014

Amazement Park

Member-only Prizes

The Fair 2015

Amazement Park

Member Items



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