• Is it possible to define a different color for forum quotes in the Monobook css than is defined in Oasis (the default skin)? Take a look at this:

    Black on black is impossible to read. :P

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    • use oasis

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    • We've changed the text color to white. Let us know if there are any other theme-related contrast issues.

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    • Thanks! That fixes it!

      Timberwolf8 wrote: use oasis

      I'd love to (particularly since many wikis focus mostly if not entirely on Oasis because it's the one most of their userbase will use, so I run into usage issues more often than I'd like). But I can't use it constantly because of computer issues compounded on other issues, which make it difficult to use it all the time. So I use it when I need to (usually to verify or use something I can't see in Monobook), but it's not feasible for me to use it all the time or be switching to it constantly.

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    • Anonymous Contributor
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