The Wilds
Puffle Party 2015 The Wilds 1

The first area

Where The Wilds
Opened March 25, 2015
Closed April 9, 2015
Mini-games None
Room ID 851
Tour Description
Welcome to the Wilds! Here we find a fish pond... what might lie deeper in the Wilds?
In this part of the Wilds... we can see the puffle creatures' habitat.... and the foods they eat... like coffee?
In this part of the Wilds... we can see the puffle creatures' habitat.... and the foods they eat... like pinecones?
Were you looking for The Wilds from the Puffle Wild app?

The Wilds were a series of three party rooms in Club Penguin. They appeared at the Puffle Party 2015, where players could quest through them and gather O'Berries.


Across the Puffle Wilds several items were scattered, which could be picked and carried using a special backpack. These items had a white outline, similarly to pins, and only one item could be carried at any time. These items were required to lure wild puffles out of a bush in the Puffle Wild area. Some items were useless, yet others — O'Berries — could lure a puffle creature that was unique to them.

Items Location Effect
Yellow fish First area Lured the Sasquatch
Stinky Cheese Second area Summoned Rockhopper
Red O'Berries Lured a Red Deer Puffle
Ice crystal none (PH remarked it might lure a White Puffle; this failed)
A cup of coffee Summoned Gariwald VIII
Marshmallow stick none (PH remarked wild puffles were not used to marshmallows)
Yellow O'Berries Lured a Yellow Unicorn Puffle
Ordinary O' Berries Third area none (PH remarked these were not good enough)
Sandwich Summoned Rookie
White O'Berries Lured a White Rabbit Puffle
A pinecone none (PH remarked pinecones were too spiky to be edible)
Stone puffle sculpture none (PH remarked that she would put it in the Lodge Attic)
Green O'Berries Lured a Green Raccoon Puffle
Flashing Lure Fishing Rod Ski Lodge Used to catch a yellow fish


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