The Snowball Crew are two penguins and one puffle (Flare) in a team that play snowball fight. They only appear in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.


  • In EPF mission #1, one of the members lost his/her hat and the player needs Bouncer to take it off the Clock Tower.

The Snowball Crew

  • In EPF mission #5, the members need to sign a letter for to make Flare happier.
  • In a mini mission, the members' pizza has been accidentally swapped, and you need to get their pizza back from another penguin who has the wrong pizza that is actually theirs.
  • In the download mission, they have the water balloon to find The Unknown Elite Puffle, later revealed as Chill.


  • It's unknown why Flare is in the snowball crew and not Bouncer.
  • One of them wants to build Snow Forts that are indestructible.
  • They also do water balloon fights.
  • Flare is never seen with them.

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