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The Sea Caves
Loading screen The Sea Caves

Opened November 18, 2016
Closed Still open

The Sea Caves is a zone in Club Penguin Island. It is a system of underwater caverns below the sea, filled with crystals, treasure, and ancient ruins, and inhabited by many aquatic creatures, such as fish, clams, squids, and crabs. The deepest part of the caves are volcanic.


The caves utilize an air mechanic. While underwater, players have a large bubble of air surrounding them. Except for certain sections of the cave, air slowly depletes over time, and the air bubble shrinks. If the bubble ever runs out of air which occurs after roughly one minute without being refilled, the player loses their breath and automatically resurfaces (players can also manually resurface at any time). Air can be refilled at any time by entering certain areas or coming into contact with bubbles stationed at various points around the caves.



The entrance is the only place in the caves above sea level. In the center, there is a small pool of water, which leads down into the main caves. There is a large staircase made of rock that spirals around the entrance, and ends in a ledge with a springboard, which players can use to launch themselves into the water. Additionally, there are some broken parts of a ship protruding out of the rocks. The exit, which leads to the Coconut Cove, is under the stairs.

Central area (north)

Below the entrance is a circular cavern with large ruins. Below leads down further into the cave, and in the left of the area there is an entrance to the race course. There are also a few seashell chairs that players can sit in.

As of the 1.2.0 update, a stone sign displaying four emojis was added right below the water's surface, which corresponds to the four colors (green, white, orange, and red) air bubbles display depending on how much air the player has.

Race Course

The race course wraps around the side of the northern central area. Here, players can try and complete the race as fast as they can. After crossing the starting line, the player is timed, and air bubbles with checkered patterns must be collected to complete the race. The race however is littered with hazards, such as squids and cacti, which cause the player to bounce off them when touched, and venus fly traps, which can eat a nearby player and spit them out a few seconds later. After the player reaches the finish line, a scoreboard shows the time it took them to complete the race in seconds and milliseconds (up to two digits each). If the player did not collect all checkered bubbles along the way, the time is not displayed.

Central area (south)

The lower central area has the largest amount of open space in the caves, and connects to all other areas except the entrance and race course. On the left side, there are paths leading back above, to the Party Sub, Glow Grotto, and Crab Den. On the right side, there are many hazardous creatures, including two rings of sea urchins, squids, and venus fly traps, as well as a path to the Throne Room.

Party Submarine

The Party Submarine (or Party Sub for short), west of the central area, is a damaged submarine outfitted with interactive disco ball, lights, and confetti blaster, located in a small cave. The sub plays five different songs, which change every few minutes. Large parts of the sub are torn off, such as the back end, propeller, and some lights. Some parts are nearby, but others are completely missing. While in the cave containing the sub, air does not deplete.

According to loading screen messages, "some say" a "brilliant penguin" built the sub and that it may still hold top secret information.

Throne Room

The Throne Room, east of the central area, is a small cave in an underwater air pocket. There is not much in the throne room beyond a large throne and large crystals growing on the ground and walls, and also some stalactites and stalagmites that form what resembles a jail cell. A long tunnel connects the room to the central areas, which is adorned with multiple arches.

Glow Grotto

The Glow Grotto, south of central area, is a small cave deep underwater, which most notably houses the Deep Sea Shop. Here there are many exotic corals, fish, and a large oyster visible in the distance. There are also a few chairs that can be sat in. While in the grotto, air does not deplete. The tunnel that connects the room up to the central area is adorned with cacti.

Crab Den

The Crab Den, southwest of the central area, is a winding tunnel inhabited by many crabs. The path is littered with wooden wreckage, and curves around multiple times. The lower parts of the tunnel are right above an underwater volcano, which has multiple vents that blast steam periodically which can impede progress. At the very end of the tunnel is the den itself, which is filled with treasure. Air does not deplete here. Below the pile of treasure is a tube, which provides a quick exit back up to the central area, but it only works one way, and cannot be used to get back down.


Main article: Collectibles
The following collectibles can be found here. Coins are also included.
Image Name Amount Respawn time
Collectible crystal single
Crystals (single) 101 15 minutes
Collectible crystal cluster
Crystals (cluster) 19 At midnight in PST
Collectible sea sponge
Sea sponges 9 total; 3 rocks with 3 per rock 30 minutes
Collectible pearl
Pearls 5 15 minutes
Coin CPI small
Coins 53; 8 treasure chests with 5 per chest plus 13 on the ground At midnight in PST

Daily Challenges

Main article: Daily Challenges
The following challenges can be completed here.
Name Given by Type Description Rewards Member only?
RH quest icon
Community Do 1,000 boosts in the Sea Caves 30 coins and 20 XP No
Party Sub Favors
RH quest icon
Solo Find a treasure chest above the Party Submarine! 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Sea Scepter
RH quest icon
Solo Wave the scepter near the underwater throne 30 coins and 20 XP Yes
Wheel You Find It?
RH quest icon
Solo Find the ship's wheel in the Sea Caves 25 coins and 20 XP No
Fall With Style
RH quest icon
Solo Springboard off the Sea Caves balcony 20 coins and 20 XP No
Race Ace
RH quest icon
Solo Complete a race in the Sea Caves 20 coins and 20 XP No
Up to Speed
RH quest icon
Community Complete 500 races in the Sea Caves 30 coins and 20 XP No
Proper Swim Gear
RH quest icon
Solo Complete a Sea Caves race as a mermaid or shark 25 coins and 20 XP No
Unreal Deal
AA quest icon
Solo Buy something from the Deep Sea Shop 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
What's Glowing On?
AA quest icon
Solo Use a glowstick in the Glow Grotto 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Stellar Propeller
RH quest icon
Solo Find the Party Submarine's lost propeller in the Sea Caves 20 coins and 20 XP No
Sub Went Blub Blub
RH quest icon
Solo Find the Party Submarine while diving 25 coins and 20 XP No
AA quest icon
Solo Activate the hidden disco ball in the Party Submarine 25 coins and 20 XP No
Confetti Ka-boom
AA quest icon
Solo Activate the Party Submarine's confetti tubes 25 coins and 20 XP No
Plunges for Sponges
RH quest icon
Solo Collect 3 sponge clusters in the Sea Caves 25 coins and 20 XP No
Arch You Gonna Try?
RH quest icon
Solo Swim through all 5 standing arches hidden in the Sea Caves 25 coins and 20 XP No
Brain Waves
RH quest icon
Solo Swim past 2 brain corals in the Sea Caves 30 coins and 20 XP No
Swim Team Trials
RH quest icon
Community Swim through 10,000 arches total in the Sea Caves 30 coins and 20 XP No
Guard Duty
AA quest icon
Solo Hold a shield and guard the jail in the Throne Room 25 coins and 20 XP Yes
Thirsty Jack's Riddle
RH quest icon
Solo Five arches once stood in a row, sip a cup at the one laying low 30 coins and 20 XP No
Lurchin' for Urchins
RH quest icon
Solo Grab a crystal cluster guarded by sea urchins 30 coins and 20 XP No
O2 Easy
RH quest icon
Solo Refill your air from a bubble while diving 20 coins and 20 XP No
RH quest icon
Solo Refill your air at 8 different bubbles 30 coins and 20 XP No
Salty's Riddle
RH quest icon
Solo Make a watery face at a deep royal place 30 coins and 20 XP No
Fireworking Overtime
AA quest icon
Community Use 1,000 total firework cannons on the Sea Caves balcony 30 coins and 20 XP No
Sub-stantial party
AA quest icon
Community Get 5 mermaids or sharks 30 coins and 20 XP No
Crabby Company
RH quest icon
Community Get 5 pirates together in the end of the Crab Cave 30 coins and 20 XP Yes

Quick Chat messages

Main article: Quick Chat
The following location-specific Quick Chat messages can be used here.


Main article: Club Penguin Island/Music


Name Soundtrack Location
SeaCaves Race Intro
CPI Sea Caves Race Intro
Race Course
SeaCaves Race Loop
CPI Sea Caves Race Loop
SeaCaves Race Outro
CPI Sea Caves Race Outro
SeaCaves Sub DubStyleStep
CPI Sea Caves Sub Dub Style Step
Party Submarine
SeaCaves Sub RaveCave
CPI Sea Caves Sub Rave Cave
SeaCaves Sub PartyInMyIggy Instrumental
CPI Sea Caves Sub Party In My Iggy Instrumental
SeaCaves Sub SillyToFunky
CPI Sea Caves Sub Silly To Funky
SeaCaves Sub SugarShake
CPI Sea Caves Sub Sugar Shake
SeaCaves ThroneRoom Tonal
CPI Sea Caves Throne Room Tonal
Throne Room
Seacaves UnderwaterDeep Tonal
CPI Sea Caves Underwater Deep Tonal
Glow Grotto
Seacaves CrabLavaLair DefaultLoop
CPI Sea Caves Crab Lava Lair Default Loop
Crab Den
Seacaves CrabLavaLair PercLoop
CPI Sea Caves Crab Lava Lair Perc Loop
Crab Den lava section


Name Soundtrack Location
SeaCaves Sub HelloYellow
CPI Sea Caves Sub Hello Yellow
Party Submarine




Names in other languages

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