Not to be confused with the party, Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit.

The Temple of Fruit is a temple found during the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit. It was accessible via the Snow Forts. Originally on Innocent Island, Rockhopper brought it Club Penguin Island in order to show penguins about the mysteries of fruit.


  • A temple was formed out of the land on Innocent Island. It is unknown if the Innocent Gang or tribal Penguins built it. It is most likely, as the inner workings of the temple are much too complex and not have formed naturally. Soon after, a volcano formed at the top of the temple, controlled by an evil tiki head.
  • In early August 2012, A.D., a pirate penguin named Captain Rockhopper, famed pirate of the seven seas, journeyed to Innocent Island to steal the giant abundance of Fruit growing on the island inside the temple. He avoided the various traps and reached the top, where the cursed volcano rested. Rockhopper took the evil tiki head, and the temple itself to local island Club Penguin. When arriving, he told the citizens in the Club Penguin Times that the volcano the tiki controlled was cursed. Fruit had to be thrown into it to appease it. Penguins went through the Temple of Fruit and stopped the volcano from erupted and harmed the island, which was covered in fruit and palm trees for the island's Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit celebration.
  • It is currently unknown what became of the Temple of Fruit as of September 5, 2012. It is most likely that Rockhopper returned it to Innocent Island.



  • The ancient totem Rockhopper brought on board his ship (the same one controlling the volcano), the Big-Big Kahuna, kept growing and growing.