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A penguin in a pool of teddies.

The Teddy Bear is an item appearing many times in Club Penguin. There is a Teddy Bear background, plush toy hand item, igloo item, and a pin.

Teddy Bear hand item

Teddy Bear Item

The Teddy Bear Hand Item

Main article: Teddy Bear (clothing)

The Teddy Bear hand item is a plush toy that was given in the Bonus Game Room until the Fall Fair 2008. The Teddy Bear's price was 2000 tickets. It came back for The Fair 2009, and was available at the Great Puffle Circus Entrance, for the price of 200 tickets.

Teddy Bear background

Teddy Bear Background
Main article: Teddy Bear Background

The Teddy Bear background was given at the Fall Fair 2007.

Teddy Bear igloo item

Teddy Bear
Main article: Teddy Bear (furniture)

The Teddy Bear igloo item is a big plush toy. Its price is 200 coins. The Teddy Bear igloo item was last released in the December 2008 igloo catalog.

The Teddy Bear pin

Teddy Bear Pin
Main article: Teddy Bear pin

The Teddy Bear pin was the 25th pin. It was located at the center of the Pool.

Holiday Teddy

Holiday Teddy
Main article: Holiday Teddy

The Holiday Teddy is a hand item plush toy that was given out during the Holiday Party 2012 as a Holiday Gift. It was available to both members and non-members.

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